Best Nike Shoes for Parkour 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Parkour is a much tough and challenging sport than your thoughts. Without the Best Nike Shoes for Parkour, you will not be able to save yourself from instant shocks and the danger of slipping. Nike is the most famous brand in sports and footwear, fitness apparel due to its high quality.

Number 1 Choice

Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36

Pegasus 36 Best Overall

  • Racer style tongue
  • Rubber Outsole
  • 5 Lace Eyelts


2nd Number Choice

Nike Men’s Free RN Flyknit

Free RN Flyknit Premium Choice

  • Dual Layer Midsole Foam
  • Tri-Star Patterns Outsole
  • Rounded Heel


3rd Number Choice

Nike Men’s Revolution 5

Men's Revolution Great Value

  • Breathable Upper mesh
  • Single Layer Outsole
  • Competitive price


Nike has always remained on top of the list for producing high-quality parkour and free running shoes. Below is the list of best Nike shoes for parkour, which we made after reading the pros and cons of different users.

List of Best Nike Shoes For Parkour

Product NameRatingsPrice
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Nike Men's Free Rn Flyknit⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Nike Men's Revolution 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Nike Men's Air Monarch IV⭐⭐⭐⭐
Nike Free RN Sense⭐⭐⭐⭐

1. Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36 

There is a significant change in upper design with one-piece mesh than the previous model, while the toe box is unchanged. These shoes will fit perfectly on your foot with Flywire technology.
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Parkour ShoesUpper:
Upper material is comfortable than its predecessor. The single seamless engineered mesh upper gives it smart looks and also keep the weight down. Especially, When you move on, just super mesh will be bend, and it keeps your forefoot free.
Flat Tongue:
The tongue is sewed with mesh bootie. In the previous model, tongue came up high against the foot, but in this pair, the tongue is flat like racer style. For this reason, the tongue will remain constant on her position during running.

Sounds Good: In Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36, You will feel by yourself when compressed air will bounce back your toes.

Zoom Air Cushion:
The full-length zoom cushion used in it provides you nice bounce and transitions during your parkour. The cushioning work in this shoe is soft enough for hiking, jumping, and also for your long runs. Zoom air unit will give support to land softly.

Extra Eyelet:

The significant difference in this shoe is that it has five laces holes on both sides, with the last one remain empty. Extra eyelets on top of the shoe allow the runners to lace up according to the marathon technique.

Imagine This: One unique thing in this shoe is that it’s flared heel collar will not rub your heels even on your long-running.

The smart patterns on the rubber outsole will increase the traction with a segmented crash pad on the lateral side. Most importantly, Many waffle piston lugs on the outsole increase the griping in the forefoot area.

This latest version also has many perforations, which makes him airy and breathable. The atmosphere inside the shoe remains cool due to proper perforations in high heat areas.

Salient Features:
  • Angled heel helps the runners in transitioning pressure from heel to toe.
  • The waffle designed outsole absorbs impact and gives an extraordinary grip.
  • Full length Zoom Air Cushion.
  • Traction throughout the medial sole
  • Highly Flexible sock liner
  • Nike’s fly mesh
  • Exposed Flywire cables
  • Heel collar
  • Slim design
  • 10mm drop
  • A bit narrow
Bottom Line:
The arch of Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36 may be a bit aggressive for flat foot but much better than pegasus 35. Overall this is the most selling and best Nike shoes for parkour in these days.


2. Nike Men’s Free RN Flyknit 

Nike Free RN Flyknit is the lightest footwear with a barefoot feeling for short runs. This shoe fulfills all requirements, which a parkour person demand.

Nike Men's Free RN FlyknitUpper:
This pair has more yarn stretches, and its upper is like a sock. The innovative sock-like top hugs your feet very well, especially in the heel section. Also, it contracts and expands with your every stride. This footwear gives excellent support to runners while the good material increased its durability. Your foot remains cool with the excellent airflow from knitting on sides.

The low profile midsole keeps the runner and her feet calm and fresh. The midsole makes him shock absorbant and incredibly responsive with dual-layer foam technology.

Rounded Heel:

The rounded heel helps in running and gives immense grip. On the other hand, you can move naturally with rounded heel. The heel part is soft, thin, and stretchy. Due to this, that is perfect for those who cannot bear the pressure on the heel. When you walk, the rounded heel will roll with the ground.

Here’s the Point: The laces tighten up quickly with the help of Flywire cables. Spandex integrated laces give power and stretch without any limitations.

The Nike Men’s Free RN Flyknit has a hard rubber outsole with Tri-star patterns on it. These Tri-star patterns give firm grip and flexibility to this shoe than its previous model. In high abrasion zones, texture on toe and heel area increase the traction. Your foot will adjust very well with the new mid-cut design. So in this, you will be able to run on tough terrains with ease.

Salient Features:
  • The 8mm heel to toe drop make a proper connection with surface and gives minimalist experience.
  • Phenomenal Tri star pattern on the outsole
  • The fabric of the shoe is sturdy as well as washable.
  • Sturdier fabric with the washable capability.
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Stylish Design
  • Expensive

Bottom Line:
The Nike Free Run Flyknit is responsive, supportive, and flexible parkour footwear with comfortable arch support. Nike always uses state of the art technology to bring the user experience to an extreme level.


3. Nike Men’s Revolution 5 

The Nike Men’s Revolution 5 is a low price beginner level shoe. The soft foam assures the comfortable run for you. That is the best Nike shoes for parkour among its competitors, which are much expensive than it. The Nike revolution 5 is perfectly comfortable, stylish, and minimalist.

Nike Revolution 5 Upper:
The breathable upper mesh of this shoe will keep your foot cool in warmer weather. The upper is thin, comfortable, and lightweight. That is as flexible as it feels in hand. Although, the upper mesh stretch according to your feet but still feels comfortable and easy to your foot. The well-padded tongue will keep your foot comfortable on the upper side during the running.

Midsole & Size of Shoe:
The midsole is thin and firm but not much soft. Nike Revolution 5 Running Shoe fits perfectly on foot, and it is available in narrow and wide sizes. There is plenty of space for your foot to move.

This footwear is designed for both men and women and has several colors combination. Hiking and climbing are much easy with them because these are lightweight.

Response of Cushioning & Insole:

The structure of the insole will not change or flatten where the most pressure comes. This shoe has not the removable insole. Foam cushioning response is very well during the run, and it feels solid.

The treads have space between them, and this allows maximum flexibility. This Nike footwear has thin outsole and not deeper lugs like other traditional running shoes so that it will perform better on flat surfaces. On the other hand, the smooth sole pattern will also perform very well grip wise on slippery surfaces.

Salient Features:
  • Soft foam midsole delievers smooth ride
  • Soft lining with cushioned insole
  • Lightweight knit textile upper
  • Round toe with bumbper cushioned collar
  • Better Arch support than Revolution 4
  • Soft sockliner with plushed lining
  • Lace up closure
  • Milimalist Design
  • Available for both mens and womens
  • Several color combination available
  • Stylish
  • Squeaking when shoe is wet
  • Thin upper

Bottom Line:
If you are looking for high-quality, inexpensive running shoes from the best brand, then Nike Men’s Revolution 5 is the perfect one for you. Nike Revolution 5 is an ideal choice for the best parkour shoes.

4. Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV

If you are looking best Nike parkour shoe at a reasonable price, then this is terrific for you. The design of Nike Air Monarch IV is the most popular in the market and will never go out of fashion, and that is also cheapest in my list of best Nike shoes for parkour.

Best Nike Parkour ShoesUpper:
The upper part is of leather which makes him more powerful and durable. The air comes properly due to perforations on the upper and heel area. The traditional lacing system and a slot on the tongue hold the tongue on its place during our work. On the other hand, its padded tongue gives extra comfort on top of the foot.

Nike Air-Sole Technology:

Nike Air technology is a special kind of innovation that utilizes pressurized air and provides a cushioned and lightweight trip. This technology compresses the air with every step, and after that, it will quickly return to its original shape.

Suction Cup:
The tread of Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer contains one suction cup where the most pressure comes during running. The wavy shape suction is perfect for forwarding movement and provides a firm grip on a variety of surfaces.
Extra Ordinary Heel to Toe Drop:

The drop of the shoe is always the crucial factor with its 10mm drop from heel to toe box makes your strides natural and comfortable.

Also, here you can check the list of Top 10 Best Parkour Shoes.

The lightweight phylon material midsole performs well in air monarch IV. The midsole of Air Monarch IV made with ethylene-vinyl acetate foam pellets. Importantly, the heat will be discharged due to its contraction and expansion. Thus the inner part will remain fresh. No sweat will come to your foot and keep your foot cool. The thick midsole of the shoe makes it quite comfortable.

Furthermore, it lowers the impact on the knees and makes the transitions easier with perfect traction.

Its solid rubber outsole offers excellent traction without any problem on smooth and rough terrains. The horizontal indentations on the outsole make this shoe very flexible.  The solid rubber outsole gives a good grip on polished floors and rocky areas. The pivot point on outsole lessens the impacts on your foot and encourages quick.

A giant Nike logo gives it a special charm. Due to its multiple width options, people with wide feet will find it perfect for themselves. This shoe is available in several colours but looks gorgeous in the combination of white and metallic silver. His modern and classic touch design attracts most peoples.

Salient Features:
  • Air sole unit provide excellent cushioning
  • Phylon midsole has the shock-absorbing ability
  • Flexibility increases with grooved rubber outsole
  • Good lacing system keeps the foot in place
  • 10 mm heel to toe drop
  • Perforations for airflow
  • Good choice for wide feet
  • Stylish
  • Low in price
  • Shoe may squeak

Bottom Line:
These shoes perform well on polished floors of basketball and gym. The air sole unit makes him comfortable enough for the whole day wears. Also, the soft fabric lining produces a smooth and comfortable fit.

5. Nike Free Rn Sense

Nike has never compromised on the quality of shoes. For that reason, they are always expensive than other brands. This footwear has all those features, which are essentials for parkour. In my opinion, this is the best Nike shoes for parkour.

Best Nike Parkour ShoesDesign:
That is the minimalist shoe with good traction and shock absorbing ability due to its super-flexible outsole. Like other Nike shoes, his look also attracts peoples. Advancement in rubber below the heel and toe part increased its traction. That also maintains stability.

The outsole of Nike Free Rn Sense naturally gives flexibility due to his Tri-pod patterns. You can freely move your foot due to the expanding and contracting feature of the tri-star pattern outsole. This shoe is ultra-lightweight with a firm and rigid grip.

Phylon Midsole:

The main feature of this shoe is its phylon midsole, which consists of two layers of cushioning and gives you ease during parkour. The shoe has a good amount of cushioning, which will support your ankle during circuit training. The heel padding of the footwear gives extraordinary comfort, secure fit, and great support.

Here’s the deal: The selection of Nike Free RN Sense in your kit will elevate the standard of your parkour journey and free running.

The upper portion of the shoe is of spandex, which allows the maximum airflow. There is much flexibility in the upper part and as well as in the outsole. The Flywire technology in RN Free Sense makes him secure, perfect, and adequately fit for parkour.

The Nike Free RN Sense has tremendous flexibility, which boosts up your performance. With vast flexibility, this also has the proper cushioning around the shoe and has shock absorption capability.

Salient Features:
  • Deep flex grooves will promote multidirectional flexibility.
  • Rounded heel and low profile cushioning.
  • Fly-wire Technology is used in it also.
  • Tread will help in quick agility movements.
  • This shoe is washable and will dry in air easily.
  • Optimized natural flex
  • Lovely Arch support
  • Better traction
  • Minimalist look
  • Slipper like fit
  • Highly Breathable
  • Expensive
  • Small toe box

Bottom Line:
The Nike RN Free Sense will give impressive results in the parkour as well as in the free running. The Nike RN Free Sense will make the parkour lot easier for you and give you proper support to perform your skills at a professional level of parkour.

Buying Guide for Best Parkour shoes :

In parkour, shoes are your main asset. The boots with excellent grip, greater flexibility, and decent cushioning will be the right choice for parkour. Although, all brands design parkour shoes for rigid irregular routes. We have read many reviews for helping you to find the best parkour shoes for you.

Best Nike Shoes For Parkour

Outsole :
Firstly, you should check the outsole. Either it has proper pores and grooves or not. With this, you will be able to perform challenging activities in tough conditions. If your shoe can grip on these surfaces, then you will be able to perform well. Otherwise, you will fail badly, and you may slip accidentally.

Arch support:
Proper arch support in your parkour shoes will prevent you from slipping during landings. Also, it will help you to control your moves in a better way so that you can do parkour with ease.

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Proper Cushioning:
The proper cushioning in a shoe will keep your foot in a comfortable position in the campaign. Without better cushioning, your foot will not feel well, and you will not be able to move your foot even one inch.

Parkour shoes are always heavier than casual shoes. But you will have to choose those shoes which are lightweight. The lightweight shoes will not decrease your parkour movement in comparison with a heavyweight.

Important Note: You will not be tired quickly in these kinds of shoes.

Flexibility is another essential feature that makes parkour secure for you. Your parkour shoe should be able to bend at least 40 degrees on the tip. Keep in mind this flexibility should be on the toe box. For this reason, obstacles and wrinkles should not come to the other part of the shoes.

Shock Absorption:
To protect your heel and knees from injuries your shoes have good shock absorption ability. The shoes with best shock absorption ability stop the energy from directly coming to heel.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

Q: What is parkour?
The parkour is an art in which you move your body without any equipment from one specific point to another point in a complex environment. You can say that crossing the obstacles during running, and climbing on rocky peaks is parkour.

Q: What are parkour shoes?
Parkour shoes are different from daily wear or casual shoes. Particularly, the purpose of parkour shoes is to absorb shocks, give absolute grip with better elasticity and stability during various activities.

Q: How long does it take to learn parkour?
That is a clear and straightforward thing that if you practice more and more, you will improve your skills day by day. Particularly, it takes 1-2 years to master parkour activities.

Q: How dangerous is parkour?

Yes, parkour can be dangerous, but in those cases where the traceur has not taken proper precautions. If you sense that this parkour activity is out from your reach, then do not perform it because this can cause injury for you.

Q: How often should I replace parkour shoes?
When you change the oil of your vehicle, its performance increased. Similarly, if you are feeling that your parkour performance is decreasing by the shoe, then you must change these to boost up your parkour performance.


Parkour is that kind of activity which keeps you mentaly and physically fit and healthy but it needs lot of hard work. We have done our best to give the solution to find the shoe which meet your all requirements during parkour. For this we have shared a list which consist on best nike shoes for parkour.

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